Scheduling Details

Information for Scheduling Visit

  1. The Rutgers Science Explorer program is designed for students in grades 6–8
  2. The bus normally is available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays to visit schools within a radius of within 50 miles of Piscataway, NJ.
  3. There are two options for the visits:
    • Option 1:
      • Up to 60 students per day
      • 3 x 90-minute sessions
      • $300 per day
    • Option 2:
      • Up to 80 students per day
      • 4 x 75-minute sessions
      • $375 per day
  4. There are 15 minutes between activities for clean-up and prep, and a 30-minute lunch break.
  5. Each session can accommodate a maximum of 20 students and their teachers.
  6. A teacher must be present on the bus at all times when students are present.
  7. Schools that cannot accommodate all the students in one day may schedule consecutive days as availability allows, at an additional charge.

RSE Science Coordinator

Before requesting a Rutgers Science Explorer visit, a science teacher must agree to serve as the RSE School Coordinator to help arrange and plan the visit. The coordinator is expected to manage the various responsibilities and tasks associated with a visit, such as submitting the visit request form, setting the schedule for the visit, making parking arrangements for the bus, and fielding calls and emails from the Rutgers Science Explorer staff.

To get started in planning a visit from the RSE to your school, please fill out the visit request form.

Responsibilities of the School Explorer Coordinator

The School Explorer Coordinator’s contributions are vital to a successful visit by the Rutgers Science Explorer. The following is a list of the coordinator’s responsibilities:

  1. Complete the Rutgers Science Explorer visit request form and coordinate scheduling with the Rutgers Science Explorer staff.
  2. After you have received confirmation of the date of your visit, do the following:
  3. Inform the Rutgers Science Explorer staff of any special requirements needed to accommodate students. The Rutgers Science Explorer is handicapped-accessible, with a wheelchair lift available at the back door.
  4. Arrange any permission slips required by your school. Our program does not provide permission slips and does not need to review permission slips. A photograph-release form for students and a photograph-release form for teachers are available to allow students and teachers to be photographed during the bus visit.
  5. Arrange for a secure location to park the Rutgers Science Explorer. The location must not disrupt traffic or require that the bus be moved. (Staff scientists are not licensed to drive the vehicle.)
  6. Provide Rutgers with detailed driving directions to your school. (We do not accept directions from Internet websites. Please supply routes that are accessible to commercial vehicles and have a height clearance of 13 feet. The Rutgers Science Explorer is not able to travel highways that restrict commercial traffic, such as the Garden State Parkway in northern New Jersey.)