Explore real-world problems and careers in STEM with Rutgers scientists

The Rutgers Science Explorer (RSE) program, also known as the "Rutgers Science Bus," provides the opportunity for middle school aged youth to interact with Rutgers graduate students and explore STEM concepts and careers. Our standards-based, hands-on activities engage youth in real-world problems and current Rutgers research.

This unique opportunity to foster interactions between scientists and students is available in two ways. Middle school students within a 50 miles radius of Rutgers New Brunswick Main Campus can participate in activities aboard our 40-foot long mobile laboratory. Alternatively, if a bus visit isn’t feasible, our scientists can lead the activities inside your classrooms or libraries.

Along with the opportunity to have our mobile science lab and scientists visit you on-site, we also offer in-person programming for grades 4-9 on Rutgers’ Busch Campus. This expanded program continues to support our goal of providing your students exciting, standards-based learning opportunities led by Rutgers’ scientists.

 Want to learn more about what our program is all about, check out "Science on the Move" below and visit our "About Us" page.

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Science on the Move

The Rutgers Science Explorer (RSE) is dedicated to promoting hands-on activities in the STEM disciplines among middle school students around NJ. The RSE brings together teachers, scientists and K-12 students in a unique environment where everybody can learn from each other, solving together a real life research problem.

Watch this video to see the inside of the bus and learn about our program. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.