• How many students can the Rutgers Science Explorer accommodate?

    The Rutgers Science Explorer can accommodate 20 students and their teacher at one time. We are sorry, but we cannot allow more than 20 students for each activity; one teacher must be present. Depending on your school starting and finishing times, you will be able to schedule three or four activity blocks per day, accommodating a total of 60–80 students.
  • Can I schedule the Rutgers Science Explorer to visit for more than one day?

    Yes, you can schedule two or three days if it is necessary to accommodate all of the students in a single grade level.
  • Is the Rutgers Science Explorer only for students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades?

    At this time, the Rutgers Science Explorer does not offer activities that are appropriate for K–5 or high school students. We hope to expand our activities in the future.
  • Is the bus wheelchair accessible?

    The Rutgers Science Explorer is wheelchair accessible. One of the 20 spaces in the laboratory is wheelchair accessible.
  • How much choice do we have in selecting a date for a visit?

    We ask that your school be flexible about visit dates. We try to book visits in the same geographic area each week to minimize travel time between visits. Schools may also book multiple-day visits to accommodate more classes at the same grade level.
  • Is the bus available for special events?

    Yes, the Rutgers Science Explorer visits can be booked for special school events, such as science fairs, subject to availability.
  • Will the school be expected to provide any materials for the Rutgers Science Explorer visit?

    No, the Rutgers Science Explorer and its staff will bring all necessary materials for each visit.
  • How can I arrange for the Rutgers Science Explorer to visit my school?

    In order to initiate the process for arranging a Rutgers Science Explorer visit, please view the Schedule a Rutgers Science Day Visit page and fill out our visit request form. The Rutgers Science Explorer staff will contact you with available dates in your area.
  • Can parents book visits with the bus?

    Parents interested in having the Rutgers Science Explorer visit their child’s school should share this information with a science teacher and encourage him or her to sign up.
  • What information will the Rutgers Science Explorer need before the visit?

    Once a visit date has been scheduled, you will receive information from Rutgers. In order to confirm your Rutgers Science Explorer visit, we will need to receive a School Explorer Coordinator contact information form, a letter of confirmation from the school principal, a visit schedule, directions to your school, a site map showing the designated parking area, a class list of students who will participate in each session, and signed photo permission forms.
  • Is there a charge for having the Rutgers Science Explorer visit my school?

    Yes, there is a charge of either $475 or $500 per day to help defray our costs. Our sponsors and Rutgers contribute the additional costs of having the Rutgers Science Explorer visit your school. The Rutgers Science Explorer has a limited number of scholarships available to help defray the cost of visit contact us to find out more.